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Three (3) ways to improve UX for your E-commerce website

As more businesses lean towards user-focused solutions, designing e-commerce UX for lead conversion takes on new meaning. What this means essentially is, businesses now find that they need to do more to create better user experience that converts website visitors into paying customers.

This article highlights three simple ways you can improve your e-commerce user experience and boost conversion

Engage with Guided Shopping

If you’re looking for next-level ecommerce solution to transform your website user experience, guided shopping is definitely it. Guided shopping tools let you communicate with customers using various user interface elements such as instant messaging, audio, images, videos, menus, and buttons. Examples of these are voice assistants, chatbots like Spectrm and chat apps with automated response to queries.

Include Product Demos

While you may not be ready to experiment with new tech AR features like 3D mapping and product builders, you can create better UX for your product display with product demos. Simply adding video demos to your product page can improve user experience and conversion. If your shop is built with WooCommerce, you may find this plugin Product Video useful. It lets you embed a video anywhere on your product page to give customers a preview of product features and more.

Improve your Checkout flow

Needless to say, your e-commerce checkout page can make or break your UX and ruin all that great design work you did on landing pages. Following the best practices for checkout pages listed in this article by Contact Pigeon can help you streamline your checkout flow for better user experience and reduce abandoned cart rates by a lot. I redesigned Jumia Food’s mobile checkout page to demonstrate this. See images below.

I tried to fix the following issues I noticed with their checkout flow below:

  • The checkout page was too crowded. Too much information crowded into one space and too many CTAs
  • No separate page for cart summary
  • Too many steps to payment which may result in a high rate of abandoned transactions

I fixed these issues with my redesign below by rearranging elements, creating a new page for cart summary and simplifying payments.

Can you spot the difference?

If you find this article useful or like my redesign, please leave a comment below. Thank you.

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